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Al-Quran القرءان literally means The Readable. It is divided into chapters called Sura سورة or a perimeter surrounding an exclusion zone or area. Each chapter is further subdivided into verses called Aya ءاية or revelation as indivisible units of encrypted readable cipher text.

Verses have different lengths ranging from few letters (42:2) to a full page (2:282) but never split across pages. Verses can contain partial sentences, full sentences or multiple sentences that could be unrelated if the sentences were revealed at different times but compiled together into a single verse as in (5:3) and (33:33).

Al-Quran is described by God Almighty as alive and is hidden within a protective shell (مكنون) similar to that which surround eggs or pearls as per by the following verses:

37:49 كأنهن بيض مكنون as if eggs hidden inside protective shells
52:24 كأنهم لؤلؤ مكنون as if pearls hidden inside protective shells
56:23 كأمثل ٱللؤلؤ ٱلمكنون as if pearls hidden inside protective shells
56:78 في كتب مكنون in a book that is hidden inside a protective shell
56:79 لا يمسه الا المطهرون no one comprehends it except the purified in (33:33)

The Quran exhibits the following binary symmetry in accordance to (39:23):
█ The sum of chapter numbers = the total of odd sums = 6555
█ The sum of verse numbers = the total of even sums = 6236
█ The number of even sums = the number of odd sums = 57
█ The total of sums (12791) and the total of multiplications (209029) are both prime numbers
█ Chapter 57 (الحديد) stays in its 57th position even if the table is sorted by multiplication value in both ascending and descending orders. This would not have been possible without having another chapter with the same multiplication value (1653) as there is no middle in an even number (114) of chapters.
But why chapter 87? And while it is beautiful that chapter 57 has 29 verses and 57 x 29 equals to the sum from 1 to 57.

God Almighty points to prime numbers in chapter Al-Fatiha (The Key) with its 7 verses, 29 words, and 139 letters, which are all primes and their digit sums (7, 11, 13) are primes too making them Additive Prime Numbers. What’s more, joining them left-to-right 729139 or right-to-left 139297 also produce primes with a prime digit sum too (31).

In 15:87, Allah again points to additive prime numbers in the number of chapters and verses in the Message:

Quran = Key + Message
114 chapters = 1 + 113
6236 verses = 7 + 6229

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